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Accelerate & Modernize CX

rSTAR helps you stay ahead of the curve on digital experience trends to drive customer engagement and satisfaction while saving your business money.

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Get the CX Expertise You Need

We’re Salesforce’s go-to Jump Start partner in our three focus areas because we know how to extend and connect backend systems to create an experience that’s fully aligned with your goals

Our pre-built CX accelerators deliver a tailored, high-quality experience that addresses all your needs as well as those of your customers.

Build Business In A Solid Way And Grow More

Build an End-to-End Customer Experience

Your customers deserve a relationship with no seams, no gaps, and no inefficiencies. Your business demands it. We extend and connect systems to help you deliver that comprehensive, responsive experience

CX Transformation Story

OmniMax International

OmniMax International started with a goal of creating a digital engagement platform that would provide customers with a more responsive self-service experience. Learn how that project turned OmniMax IT into their sales colleagues’ heroes.

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Leverage the Best CX Platforms & Practices

We connect you with the tools that will accelerate your CX transformation and guarantee you achieve your business goals while supporting customers better than ever.